I am a geek. I am an immigrant who calls USA my home. I am an entrepreneur working for a large tech company in the silicon valley and do not have too much time to spare. I have absolutely no survival skills. I have always lived in an urban environment and I am sure I cannot survive in the woods. I have always relied on urban infrastructure and technology to have a comfortable, safe life. In this environment, I have never been afraid of too many things…until my twins were born …

So, what am I afraid of now?
Everything that can harm my family, both man made and natural.

So am I a Prepper now?

I have a wife and two of the most adorable kids and I will do anything to protect them. I live in an environment and times when any of these can harm my family:

  1. EARTHQUAKE (the next big earthquake is looming around the corner for bay area)
  2. Tsunami (An earthquake in the ocean can easily trigger a tsunami)
  3. Terrorism (We all know this is part of reality now)

I want to be prepared to handle these situations and if that makes me a Prepper or a Survivalist, then so be it.

But, I am not a traditional Prepper. I will hoard knowledge and not things. I will prepare with the minimum gear needed to protect my family in an urban situation. Being a geek, I am more interested in the science, technology, and common sense required to create/replace things in any survival situation. What I will prep is the knowledge & skills required for an urban survival. This makes me more of an Urban Survivalist.

Survival Dojo is where I will write about my journey acquiring gear and gaining the knowledge required to survive in an urban SHTF situation.

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